Property management

We have a robust infrastructure in place that takes care of not only finding you quality, referenced tenants but looks after the day to day hassles also.

We collect the rent throughout the course of the tenancy. The net funds are then forwarded to you with a statement.

We have an arrears process in place for the rare occasion a tenant defaults on their rent.

We pro-actively manage repairs, ensuring we fully assess whether a repair is required before instructing contractors to attend.

Professional cleaning and repairs can be arranged at the end the tenancy.

We have an extensive list of approved contractors for when maintenance is required on your property, giving competitive rates for their work.

Our Property Management team will carry out thorough inspections of your property during the course of the tenancy.

Written reports are prepared outlining our findings on inspections. This includes any recommended maintenance works required, or breaches of tenancy.

Upon request we can provide digital photography with a report of the condition of the property.

In order to minimise disputes at the end of the tenancy regarding damages and reimbursements, it is advised that you have an inventory report carried out at the outset of the tenancy.

We take care of submitting tenants’ deposits with The Deposit Protection Scheme (DPS).

Any deposit disputes are handled at the end of the tenancy. This includes preparing a detailed report for the DPS as evidence to recoup the rightful monies belonging to you if a tenant has breached their agreement.

We liaise with tenants and landlords to agree tenancy renewals and draw up necessary paperwork.

Gas Safety Certificates, Electrical Installation Condition Reports and Energy Performance Certificates are arranged when required.